Advanced settings

Advanced settings in Alloy chan be changed with a configuration file in the user application data directory. To access this file follow these steps:

  1. open Finder
  2. choose Go in the Menu
  3. Hold down the Alt (Option) key
  4. Select the Library folder listed below the current user's home directory
  5. Go to Application Support > alloy
  6. Open config.js in a text editor

Required Elements

var config = {}; // Your settings module.exports = config;

For your configuration to work you need var config = {}; on top and module.exports = config; on the bottom of your file.

Proxy settings

config.enable_proxy = false; config.proxy = {}; config.proxy["server"] = ""; config.proxy["bypass-list"] = "<local>;*;*;"; config.proxy["pac-url"] = "";

To enable/disable the proxy settings you can set config.enable_proxy to true or false.

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Advanced Settings
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