What makes Alloy standout above other Browsers?

Alloy is built up on Tasks, of which every has its own Tablist. It's meant for the power user who has many tabs opened at the same time. Alloy helps you to keep the overview over those tabs and their associated task. You only see the relevant Tabs for your current Task.

Is Alloy a task manager?

Alloy shouldn't replace a task list or a task scheduler, but implement this structure as enhancement to the browsing experience. You only see the relevant tabs for your current task.

Why making a new browser and not a browser extension?

We considered a browser extension, but decided that a new application would leave us more freedom. With a new app we can tailor the user interface to the functionality. We try to improve the modern browser as a whole.

Are there downloads for Windows/Linux?

We are ambitious to make Alloy available for every platform. Releases for Windows/Linux are planned for the near future.

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions feel free to ask us on Twitter or email us.

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